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International patient transport

Patient transport for insurers: the company organizes the full organization of international patient transport, prepares a route plan, assesses the advantages and disadvantages of air or ambulance transport and liaises with hospitals and Hungarian and foreign Assistance Centers. International patient transports are performed on behalf of the insurers contracted with us.

Our ambulances are ready to depart within 1 hour - even in case of a foreign destination!

When ordering an individual, paid patient transport, it is possible to request the patient transport vehicle on time and the patient will always be transported alone or with a relative. In this case, a patient transport voucher is not required and the service is subject to a fee

Patient deliveries ordered by insurance companies or assistance services are also typical, where we deliver the insured and the insurance company reimburses us. In these cases, we also perform assistance tasks if necessary

Domestic patient transport

For this activity, we use separate ambulance and emergency cars that meet the requirements of the age in every way. All our cars are air conditioned, comfortable and well equipped. This form of service can be used by anyone who feels that they are hindered in some way in their movement and wants to get from one point to another with the help of professional, well-trained professionals.

You don’t have to worry about how to get to the hospital or for an examination if your circumstances don’t allow it. Call us and our experienced staff will safely take you to the hospital or for examinations.

  • Non-Stop elérhetőek vagyunk
  • Az ország teljes területén szállítunk
  • Akár sürgős esetekhez is hívhat minket
  • Reptéri transzfer
  • Szakképzett sofőr és ápoló áll a betegek rendelkezésére
  • Kényelmes és biztonságos
  • Betegszállítás kórházba, szakrendelőbe , idősek otthonába, rehabilitációs központokba, ápolási intézményekbe oda-vissza szállítással, dialízis-központba, kemoterápiára – sugárkezelésre

Events health covering 

Pursuant to a government decree of the 5/2006. EüM, the organizing company is obliged to provide medical staff at all public events that attract large crowds.

Euromed Ambulance Kft. Provides immediate assistance in organizing events in Budapest, Pest County, and anywhere in the country. In our experience, a permanent first aid station is an essential and even mandatory element of an event these days. In such cases, our experienced rescue physicians and nurses provide ongoing attention to participants.

Ensuring continuous on-call duty.
Special care in all cases.
In more serious cases, provide immediate delivery and on-site care.

From the rescue category, our organization performs the health insurance of events (Mobile Guard care) as well as the transportation tasks accompanied by a Medical Escort. Every year our mobile guard service is ordered for many cultural, sports and music events. Our organization has been providing healthcare services at a high professional level and at the same time at solid prices for many years. We take part in these events with 1-12 ambulances, 1-10 doctors, 1-20 nurses.

Event insurance can be provided by an organization with an operating license issued by a national chief medical officer. The organizer of the event is responsible for ensuring the proper health insurance of the event. If it becomes necessary to transport the patient treated during the event insurance to the nearest health care institution suitable for care in accordance with the state of health, the organization providing health insurance for the event, excluding the pedestrian guard, must take care of this. In the absence of this, or if the planned oxiological care at the event proves to be insufficient, the organizer of the event must reimburse the OMSZ for the certified additional cost of the OMSZ. The exception to this is the disaster situation.


You can choose from a variety of test


PCR (laboratory) test

The PCR test is based on a polymerase chain reaction that can detect the RNA portion of the virus.
The test is the most advanced microbiological method, which shows the presence of viral RNA with a high degree of certainty. This test is positive if the coronavirus is found in the bloodstream and airway mucosa.
Its great advantage is that it shows a positive result even in the few days before the symptoms caused by the virus appear, but not in all cases, so it may be necessary to repeat it. If the coronavirus is infected, the virus will disappear from the mucous membrane, so another test may confirm that the disease has stopped. A negative test after a positive test shows that the disease is no longer present in the body.
The PCR test is included in the state test register and has a reporting obligation under the procedure


Antigen test: You can find out if you have a virus in your body within 5 minutes

The antigen test, similar to the PCR test, detects the presence of the virus in the patient's body. Positive when the coronavirus is already present in the bloodstream and airway mucosa. This occurs 1-2 days before the onset of symptoms, so this test, like PCR, can detect infection. The big advantage is that the test is fast, gives results 5-10 minutes after sampling and is cheaper than the PCR test. The disadvantage is that it cannot be used for official quarantine release and other official certification.

As PCR detection is currently the gold standard for virus detection and may require a PCR test in the event of a serious clinical suspicion of a negative antigen test, the health authority may, in its discretion, require a confirmatory PCR test.

The sampling procedure is the same as for C-PCR assay sampling: as for C-PCR sampling, a patient with a fasting stomach is swabbed from the nasopharynx. The patient should not eat, drink, brush or smoke prior to sampling. From the sample taken, the evaluation procedure with the reagent is performed at a site where we are able to detect the virus directly by means of a mobile test.


Serological test: you can find out within 5 minutes if you have already had the infection

The coronavirus rapid test is an examination of an antibody detected in blood taken after the fingertip has been inserted. This means that it does not detect the virus itself in the body,

but two antibodies (IgM and IgG) produced by the immune system in response to the virus entering the body. Two types of immune responses are possible:

Early immune response: presumably begins to develop 5-7 days after infection, as indicated by IgM positivity in the test, in which case we are still in the active phase of the infection. Late immune response: occurs 10-14 days after infection, as evidenced by current scientific belief that IgG positivity refers to 1-3 years of protection if a person has undergone it.


ELISA blood test: shows whether an antibody to the SARS-CoV-2 virus produced by your body can be detected in your body.

All pathogens, such as viral infections, trigger the body's defense mechanism, so that first IgA, then IgM, and then IgG-type antibodies can be detected in the blood.

To the best of our knowledge, the IgA (initial) type antibody produced against COVID-19 virus is 2-4 after infection. After days 9-10, the IgM (early) type antibody after infection in days 9-10. day 1, IgG type (late) antibody 12-14 days after infection. can be detected in the blood after 1 day using whole blood, blood serum, or plasma.

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Only the patient and his relative can travel with our vehicles. Of course, a specialist nurse will also have a place in our ambulance if required.

The use of the distinctive sign may be used only in justified cases if the condition of the patient so requires

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