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1. What is a Cookie?

Cookies are short data files that the website you visit places on your computer. The purpose of the cookie is to make the given infocommunication and internet service easier and more convenient. There are many varieties, but they can generally be classified into two major groups. One is a temporary cookie that a website places on a user's device only during a specific session (e.g., during the security authentication of an Internet bank), and the other type is a persistent cookie (e.g., a website's language setting) that remains on the computer until the user deletes it. Cookies [unless absolutely necessary to use the service] may only be placed on the user's device with the user's permission.

2. What are cookies good for?

When you visit that site again, the cookie allows the site to recognize the visitor's browser. Cookies can also store user settings (eg selected language) and other information. Among other things, they collect information about the visitor and his device, memorize the visitor's individual settings, they can be used e.g. when using online shopping carts. Cookies generally facilitate the use of the website, help the website provide a real web experience for users and provide an effective source of information, as well as ensure the website operator can monitor the operation of the website, prevent abuse and ensure the smooth and appropriate quality of website services.

3. What information do we collect in connection with your use of the Website?

If the user does not explicitly provide personal data or information on the website, the Operator will not collect or process any personal data about the user in a way that would allow the user to be personally identified.

By visiting the website and pressing the "I accept" button, the user consents to the Operator using Cookies managed by external service providers in order to record the data and information written in this prospectus in connection with the Website.

Such data is the data of the user's login computer, which is generated during the use of the website and which is recorded by the Cookies used on the website as an automatic result of technical processes. The data that is automatically recorded is automatically logged by the system when the website is visited or exited, without the user's express statement or action.

This data is not linked to other personal user data, ie the User cannot be identified on the basis of this data. Such data may only be accessed by external service providers handling Cookies and the Operator.

Operator uses only cookies managed by external service providers (eg Google) on the website. Cookies are short text files that a website sends to a user's computer hard drive and contain information about the user.

The Operator uses the services of Google Analytics in connection with the website. Cookies managed by Google Analytics help us measure website traffic and other web analytics data. The information collected by cookies is transmitted to and stored on external servers operated by Google. Google uses this information for the sole purpose of the Operator to track traffic to the Website and to conduct analyzes of activities on the Website. Google may share this information with third parties where required to do so by law. Google also has the right to transfer this data to third parties who use it to process the data. Google Analytics can provide detailed information about how data is handled by Google Analytics (

The Operator's advertisements are displayed on the websites of external service providers (Google, Facebook). These external service providers (Google, Facebook) use cookies to store that the User has previously visited the Operator's website and, based on this, display the advertisements to the User in a personalized manner (ie carry out remarketing activities).

You can disable the use of Google Cookies through Ads Preferences (more information: Users can also disable third-party cookies on the opt-out page of the Network Advertising Initiative (

The data management of the above-mentioned external service providers is governed by the data protection regulations set by these service providers, and the Operator does not assume any responsibility for such data management.

4. How do we use this information?

Data collected with the above-mentioned technologies may not, in principle, be used to identify the user, and the Operator will only combine this data with other potentially identifiable data if the user expressly consents to the Operator's use of identifiable Cookies in connection with it. . The following cookies are used:

Technically essential session cookies
These cookies are necessary for visitors to browse the website, to use its functions smoothly and fully, the services available through the website, and, in particular, to note the visitor's actions on those pages during a visit. The duration of data management of these cookies only applies to the current visit of the visitor, this type of cookies is automatically deleted from your computer when the session is closed or the browser is closed.
The managed data set: AVChatUserId, JSESSIONID, portal_referer.
The legal basis for this data management is Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services. Act (Elkertv.) 13 / A. § (3).
The purpose of data management is to ensure the proper functioning of the website.
Cookies requiring consent:
These provide an opportunity for the Company to remember a user’s choices regarding the Website. The visitor may prohibit this data processing at any time before and during the use of the service. This data may not be linked to the user's identification data and may not be passed on to third parties without the user's consent.
Useful cookies:
The legal basis for data management is the visitor's consent.
The purpose of data management: To increase the efficiency of the service, to increase the user experience, to make the use of the website more convenient.
The duration of data management is 6 months.
Performance cookies:
Google Analytics Cookies - Learn more here:
Google AdWords Cookies - Learn Here:
Facebook cookies - you can find out more here:
Find out more about OptiMonk cookies here:
You can find out more about Hotjar cookies here:

The primary purpose of the use of such data is to enable the Operator to operate the website properly, which requires, in particular, the monitoring of data on visits to the website and the prevention of possible abuses related to the use of the website.

In addition to the above, the Operator may use this information to analyze usage trends and to improve and improve the functions of the website, as well as to obtain comprehensive traffic data on the full use of the website.

The Operator may use the information obtained in this way to compile or analyze statistics related to the use of the website, as well as to transmit statistical data (eg number of visitors, most viewed topics or content) to third parties, or aggregate, publish anonymously.

5. Option to disable cookies:

If the user does not want the information described above to be collected in connection with the use of the website, he / she may disable the use of cookies in part or in full in the settings of the Internet browser or otherwise change the settings of cookie messages.

You can find information about the cookie settings of the most popular browsers at the links below
• Google Chrome:
• Firefox:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 11:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 10:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 9:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 8:
• Microsoft Edge:
• Safari:

6. Cookies placed by third parties:

The website may contain information, in particular advertisements, from third parties, advertising service providers who are not affiliated with the website. These third parties may also place cookies, web beacons on the user's computer, or collect data using similar technologies in order to send the user an advertising message addressed in connection with their own services. In such cases, the data processing is governed by the data protection regulations set by these third parties and the Operator does not assume any responsibility for such data processing.

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