The quality patient transport service of Euromed Ambulance Kft. Is available to the population with its modern vehicles and reliable, trained staff. In designing our service, we have placed emphasis on quality - we provide the best possible patient transport service for our passengers in our service areas.

Our prices are for information only, the final price is calculated on the basis of the services used after discussion with our dispatcher.

Airport transfer: HUF 15,000

Budapest and domestic
patient transport prices

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Patient transport prices in Budapest

Domestic patient transport

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International patient transport

Patient transport: 300 HUF / km

Patient transport for insurers: the company organizes the full organization of international patient transport, prepares a route plan, assesses the advantages and disadvantages of air or ambulance transport and liaises with hospitals and Hungarian and foreign Assistance Centers. International patient transports are performed on behalf of the insurers contracted with us.

Our ambulances are ready to depart within 1 hour - even in case of a foreign destination!

When ordering an individual, paid patient transport, it is possible to request the patient transport vehicle on time and the patient will always be transported alone or with a relative. In this case, a patient transport voucher is not required and the service is subject to a fee.

Patient deliveries ordered by insurance companies or assistance services are also typical, where we deliver the insured and the insurance company reimburses us. In these cases, we also perform assistance tasks if necessary

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COVID-19 test

PCR (laboratory) test: HUF 19,500 + HUF 7,500 anywhere in  Budapest

The test is the most advanced microbiological method, which shows the presence of viral RNA with a high degree of certainty.

Antigen test price in Budapest: 9,900 HUF / person (anywhere in Budapest)

Within 5 minutes you will learn that there is a virus in your body

Serological test price in Budapest: 11,900 HUF / person (anywhere in Budapest)

You can find out within 5 minutes if you have already had the infection

(Departure fee 7 500 HUF within Budapest) 

ANTIBODY LEVEL MEASUREMENT: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Sputnik, Sinopharm

Event health cover

Event insurance can be provided by an organization with an operating license issued by a national chief medical officer.
The organizer of the event is responsible for ensuring the proper health insurance of the event. If it becomes necessary to transport the patient treated during the event insurance to the nearest health care institution suitable for care in accordance with the state of health, the organization providing health insurance for the event, excluding the pedestrian guard, must take care of this. In the absence of this, or if the planned oxiological care at the event proves to be insufficient, the organizer of the event must reimburse the OMSZ for the certified additional cost of the OMSZ. The exception to this is the disaster situation.


  • Ambulance basic fee: 25 000 Ft + 4000 Ft/hour
  • Ambulance officer basic fee: 32 000 Ft + 4 300 HUF/hour  
  • Doctor's basic fee: 57 000 Ft + 6 200 HUF/hour  
  • Specialist basic fee: 110 000 Ft + 11500 HUF/hour  
  • Departure fee of HUF 10,000 within the territory of Budapest. In the countryside 200 HUF / km for the round trip.

    Event health cover:
  • Ambulance (nurse + driver) basic fee: 75 000 Ft + 9 000 HUF/hour 
  • Case car (ambulance officer + ambulance nurse + driver) basic fee:
  • 80 000 Ft + 14 000 HUF/hour  
  • Paramedic car (Doctor + ambulance + driver) basic fee:
    110 000 HUF/hour + 17 000 HUF/hour  
  • Traveling expenses: 200 HUF / km from our ambulance station for the round trip
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