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MENTŐSÖK are the team who are in a hurry for you when you are sick!
They are the ones you can count on when you need to get to the doctor quickly and safely.
When you are not allowed or unable to stand on your feet but still have to get home to continue caring for you call them.
If an accident during sports or outing you know this team is going to help.
If you need help, contact the team!

International patient transport

International patient transports are performed on behalf of insurers contracted with us.

Domestic patient transport

For this activity, we use separate ambulance and emergency carts that meet the requirements of the age in every way.

COVID tests

We perform several types of testing on behalf of our patients. In addition to the PCR test, it is possible to perform an Antigen and Serological test

Covering events

Permanent first aid station is an essential and even mandatory element of an event these days.

Reliable partnership

We work closely with Europ Assistance to get you home the fastest and safest way!

On time, safely, comfortably


COVID tests

2021. január 18.

Prices for COVID 19 tests have decreased!

Fast date booking

2020. december 2.

Our dispatcher is waiting for your call from 0 to 24 hours, even on public holidays

Györgyi Lang also chose us

2020. November 4.

It is always nice for us to be able to transport a patient who, despite his illness, radiates good humor

Credit card payment 
March 14, 2021

Now you can also pay by credit card

New service
April 10, 2021


We perform our services with the permission of ÁNTSZ

Before choosing a patient carrier, make sure that the service provider has a license from the ÁNTSZ (NNK).

Patient delivery tailored to your needs

Our expertise is a guarantee

We don't just deliver, we take care of you

It is of paramount importance to us that our customers arrive safely at their destination

We are well known in the profession

Euromed Ambulance Kft. Is among the TOP 5 best-known service providers in Hungary

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There are no hidden costs

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Our customers and patients were 100% satisfied with our services.
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About us in a few words

We know what our customers need

We build on the trust of our customers! We know that patient transport is not only a taxi service, but also requires special attention and expertise! Our delivery vehicles are equipped with everything our patients may need.


years experience

10 years ago, a team of professionals decided to put our knowledge and commitment at the service of patients. These were us!


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